Headlight Rejuvenation

Dull, yellow, fogged up headlights can be a hazard while driving. Not only for you, but for other vehicles, as well. The ability to see, and be seen, is extremely important for the safety of you and other vehicles around you.

The cloudy appearance of your headlights will certainly lead to reduced performance of the light. Dull headlights aren’t necessarily caused by poor maintenance, they are the result of time and exposure to the outdoor elements. UV light, road debris and the sun all contribute to your cloudy headlights.

Headlights are constructed of polycarbonate materials and come with a UV coating from the manufacturer, but this breaks down over time and contributes to the cloudy or foggy appearance.

We restore the headlights by stripping the broken-down coating completely off the light and re applying a new coating over the light.

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